Rishi Sunak helps launch NFU food and farming campaign

Rishi Sunak MP hosted the Westminster launch of an NFU campaign to shout about the value of the food and farming industry to Yorkshire – its people, economy and environment. 

The campaign - "Pride and Provenance" - sees the industry come together in an unprecedented show of solidarity. 

Formally launched at this week's Great Yorkshire Show, the campaign has already won wide cross-sector support from farm businesses, food and fuel processors and manufacturers to brewers, machinery dealers, retailers, agricultural societies, and agricultural colleges. 

Together they want to demonstrate the value of Yorkshire’s farm-to-table supply chain, highlighting not just the fantastic food and drink produced, but also the huge contribution the sector makes to the economy, to the environment and its commitment to providing exciting opportunities for young people, and building a strong future for local communities. 

Mr Sunak welcomed NFU President Meurig Raymond to Westminster and introduced him to many Yorkshire MPs at the event in the House of Commons. 

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