Andrea welcomes new mental health Green Paper

The new Green Paper, a preliminary report of government proposals, announced by the Department of Health on young people’s mental health has been welcomed by Andrea Jenkyns MP.

The Green Paper includes proposals to intervene in mental health treatment for young people earlier, through a closer working between the NHS and schools. The specific proposals set out in the Green Paper will cost £215 million over the next three years and include:

  • Senior leads for mental health in every school and college in England, to coordinate existing school-based support and help children access specialised therapies and other NHS treatments.
  • Mental health support teams. New collaboratively delivered Mental Health Support Teams will be made up of additional trained staff, supervised by NHS specialists, to provide support in or near schools and colleges for young people with emerging or more moderate needs.
  • Piloting a four-week wait standard. A four week waiting time standard for accessing young people’s mental health services will be piloted.

The Green Paper will also include proposals to work with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport on keeping young people safe online.

Ms. Jenkyns commented on the Green Paper, stating, “Yorkshire has one of the highest incidence rates of young people’s mental health problems in the United Kingdom. My time on the Health Select Committee has made clear that mental health is an issue which affects people, especially young people, in unimaginably difficult ways.

“I welcome these additional measures. They further emphasise how committed this Government is to improving mental health across the Country.

“Locally I will continue working with schools and the health service to see how these proposals benefit young people, and improve the mental health of those so sadly affected across our area.”